The One ‘90s Beauty Trend That Deserves More Credit Might Surprise You

There are many beauty trends inspired by the decade that have made comebacks while we await the rumored Spice Girls reunion, like brown lipstick; but one has, by and large, been left out of the conversation. It’s no surprise that Millennials have fallen hard and fast for the cool ’90s revival. However, there is one ’90s beauty trend that hasn’t gotten as much credit as it arguably deserves.

So what could be missing from the nosalgic beauty trend puzzle? The answer is crimped hair. Those two words will likely either give you a pang of joy or make your stomach turn. Some folks seriously do not like the ’90s. Guardian columnist and features writer Hadley Freeman discussed ’90s fashion back in 2014 and proclaimed, “’70s fashion was ugly, ’80s fashion was ridiculous, but ’90s fashion was just a long sigh of mehness, and I will always take ugliness and silliness over mehness.” This distaste for the decade saddens me a little, but her haikus on ’90s fashion trends are pretty spot on.

Where does that leave crimped hair? Well, Stella McCartney’s S/S 2015 show featured it, Zac Efron and Jimmy Fallon wore crimped wigs on The Tonight Show to commemorate Efron’s childhood mane, and I even experimented with modernizing crimped hairstyles as well. But that’s not enough! So here’s how you can get your crimp on if you believe it’s a horribly overlooked beauty trend.

1. The Modern Crimper

KeyZone Hair Curling Curler Ceramic Hair Crimper, $9.95,

Chances are you sold your old crimpers at a yard sale years ago or gifted them to a younger sibling who broke them. So get back on the crimping bandwagon with a brand-spanking-new pair of contemporary crimpers.

2. Use Your Straighteners

If you want to give crimping a whirl before splashing out on any new tools, you can use your regular straighteners (or borrow a friend’s) to test a crimped style.

3. The Multi-Tool

Conair 3-In-1 Straight Waves Specialty Styler, $19.86,

Can’t decide if crimping’s for you? With this awesome multi-styler, you can straighten, crimp, or wave your hair, meaning you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

4. Use Your Curling Iron

Who would’ve thought you could create crimps with your curling iron? Certainly not me! This tutorial shows viewers two ways to crimp hair without a crimping iron, but my favorite method instead.

5. The Micro Crimper

Hot Tools Micro Crimper 1 Inch, $26.99,

This crimper with one-inch styling plates should help you to achieve a classic, retro crimped look Lizzie McGuire would’ve been proud of.

6. The No Heat Crimps

If you’re someone who really takes care of their tresses and tries to use heated tools as little as possible (or not at all), this tutorial that creates crimps without heat should be perfect for you.

7. The Travel Crimper

Bed Head BH309 Groupie 1″ Mini Travel Crimper, $19.99,

Do you practically live out of a suitcase? Next time you’re on the road, you might want to pack a mini travel crimper to achieve an awesome ’90s look wherever life takes you.

8. The Crimped Short Hair

This beauty vlogger proves you don’t have to have Rapunzel-length hair to rock crimps. If you sport a short hairstyle, you too can flaunt a fabulous crimped ‘do.

9. The Waver

Bed Head Deep Waver, $18.99,

Perhaps you’d like to dip your toe into wavy waters before going for a full-blown, mega crimped style? This waver will help you navigate your route.

10. The Braided Method

All you need to achieve voluminous crimps is the ability to create normal braids. You’ll be left with a decadently crimped lioness mane.

11. The Retro Crimpers

’90s Conair Light Blue Hair Crimper Tested And Works, $12,

If you want to make all your childhood dreams come true and channel Sabrina The Teenage Witch on one of her edgier days, pick up a pair of genuine vintage crimpers.

So there you have it! If you still love crimpy hair, bring this ’90s beauty trend back into vogue and get crimped.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Stan Rogow Productions, Disney Channel Original Productions (1)