The One ’90s Brand You Totally Forgot You Were Obsessed With

Most of all, I obsessed over Esprit, the one ’90s brand you forgot you loved. While tons of brands have actually made a comeback (or never really left), none holds a place in my heart quite like Esprit does. I’m a true ’90s baby: I loved my Baby G, wore my sister’s Tommy Hilfiger hand-me-downs, collected jelly shoes, ate Dunkaroos, and listened to Boyz II Men.

Living in the Philippines in the ’90s meant that we ate up American culture like no other. We watched Full House, Fresh Prince, Hey Arnold, All That, Clarissa Explains It All, and more. We had one tiny TV in my parents’ room, which we surrounded day in and day out, all while keeping our Tamagotchis alive (which, apparently have also made a comeback). I lined up to play Bomber Man on our Super Nintendo, extra controller pack included. Being the youngest of four siblings and a whole lot of cousins, my time on screen was limited. But damnit, it was precious.

I watched my sisters and brother grow up from tween to teens during this decade, and I not only copied their music taste (shout out to ’90s R&B, specifically KC & JoJo, Brandy, Monica, SWV, and TLC), but above all, their fashion sense. And thank god for that, since all of those styles are back with a full force now. My two oldest siblings eventually went off to the U.S. for college, and they’d bring back all sorts of goodies for us every six months, when they’d visit. For me, the most exciting part (besides the very first video camera I had ever held), was the clothing.

Nothing said cool quite like Skechers, Guess, Lacoste, Delia’s, but most importantly, Esprit. When my sister brought back the Esprit sandals with beads on the stretchy straps, I thought I had discovered gold. (Tbh, I did!)

I mean, could you get any better than the super casual tees, loose-fitting pants, and sporty windbreakers this beloved brand put out? Nope. Here are some other reasons why you need to throw it back to this ultimate ’90s brand:

1. They Practically Mastered The Mom Jean

90s Esprit Shorts, $32.99,

That cropped button up shirt paired with it is perfect, too.

2. Who Could Forget Their Sweatshirts?

Vintage Esprit De Corp Crewneck Jumper, $33.99,

This would be a hit today.

3. Their Perfect Chandler-Esque Attire

You know you could see him wearing this. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!

4. These Outfits (Which Were Everything)

That two piece suit? Yep.

5. Their Classic Logo

This is exactly how I remember this logo plastered all over everything I owned.

6. These Unforgettable Sandals

Beaded Esprit Sandals, $8,

These were the coolest shoes back in the day.

7. Their Perfect Minimalism

Esprit T-Shirt, $20,

With minimalism and athleisure at its peak, this shirt would kill today.

8. Their Casual Sports Tees

You actually didn’t even have to play sports to dress sporty.

9. Their Chunky Heels Galore

This plus a floral skater skirt = totally ’90s.

10. Their Colorful Totes

I need this, like, right now.

Unfortunately, the brand actually closed up shop in 2012 in the U.S. So, while we won’t be getting any of their super cool staples new anytime soon (domestically), there’s aways eBay and a chance to shop vintage. I’ll never forget those three lines making up the E in their logo. You’ll be sorely missed, Esprit.