The Walking Dead Is Too Personal for Norman Reedus To Talk About Currently

Reedus says he always just asks if he’ll get to ride a motorcycle that season. During an episode of his new motorcycle-based travel show Ride with Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC’s hit horror series The Walking Dead mentions that before each season starts filming, the showrunner calls cast members to talk with them about their character.

Which begs the question: will he get to ride in Season 7?

As you may recall if you were alive in April of this year, Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended on a cliff-hanger where the villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had just beaten an as-yet-unknown hero to death. Daryl was one of the possible victims. So if Norman Reedus gets to ride a motorcycle, that means he was not the one who died, unless he somehow becomes a Harley-riding zombie.

Norman Reedus, <em>The Ride with Norman Reedus</em>Norman Reedus, The Ride with Norman Reedus

So does Daryl get to ride his beloved chopper?

“I better!” Reedus tells That’s all he can let on.

“I can’t really talk about Season 7, but it’s such a crazy season we’ve started,” he says. “It’s just hardcore. It’s so hardcore and so large. I can’t really tell you stuff like [will I get to ride a motorcycle], but, you know,” he says, trailing off with a laugh.

When asked if he could confirm if the scene that will reveal who Negan killed has been shot yet, since it wasn’t last season, he deferred, saying “all answers to that will be revealed the beginning of 7.”

He can’t say much about Season 7 at all, but he wouldn’t even if he could, since he says the show means so much to him and the other actors that they don’t like talking about it publicly. It’s so personal that they feel protective of it and don’t want to discuss it with the press.

“If something’s personal, you don’t really blab it, you know what I mean?” he says.

He says that making Season 7, even with its increased level of scrutiny and resulting secrecy, doesn’t feel particularly different than any other season for the actors, though he’s sure it’s a different story for the producers.

“We shoot it way out in the country away from tabloids and stuff, and it’s always been like that since day one,” he says. The isolation of the location acts as its own sort of security and creates a private communal atmosphere. It’s like being with family, and Reedus wants to keep it in the family. For now.

<em>The Ride with Norman Reedus</em>The Ride with Norman Reedus

Until The Walking Dead returns in the fall, fans can get their dose of Daryl Dixon with Ride, which follows Reedus and friends as they ride motorcycles all over the country. There’s a trip to Death Valley with actor Balthazar Getty, a detour where Reedus and a pal race each other in rolling port-a-potties in North Carolina as well as a journey from the top to the bottom of Florida. That jaunt is with cycling icon Peter Fonda, who made Easy Rider, a movie whose existence allows Ride with Norman Reedus to exist, as well as all of ’70s cinema.

The show is an offbeat travel series in the vein of Anthony Bourdain’s shows, with a loose feel meant to capture the spontaneous fun of a road trip. Reedus hopes that it appeals to motorcycle aficionados as well as people who aren’t into the lifestyle.

“We wanted the audience to be on the ride with us and experience new things off-the-cuff and meet people and see why people who ride motorcycles love it so much,” he says.

Ride with Norman Reedus premieres Sunday, June 12 at 10/9c on AMC.