These Lana Del Rey Blonde Hair Twitter Reactions Attest Fans Are Losing It Over This Transformation

Unless you live under a rock or have sworn off social media, you probably heard the news that Lana Del Rey dyed her hair blonde, and the drastic transformation has sparked a massive Twitter reaction from fans all over. Apparently celebrity hair change-ups make people lose their minds.  There are some celebrities who change their hair so often it’s become downright expected (uhm Kylie Jenner much?) but there are others who rarely ever switch up their manes, and when they do, attention must be paid.

The 30-year-old debuted her new ‘do while spotted at LAX airport on Wednesday. She flaunted a beautiful golden shade of blonde that made her look like an entirely different person. I don’t just mean some subtle highlights here and there, in the way that Eva Longoria has recently done. The girl has gone full-on blonde, which is a pretty dramatic switch from the fiery red mane that she is typically known for. 

Although some people may speculate about whether or not the singer’s lighter locks are real, it’s highly likely that they are, given that this isn’t the first time she has gone blonde before. 

Take a look at her gorgeous new hue below.

How stunning does she look?!

I’m totally obsessed.

So how are fans reacting to the makeover? Let’s just say they’e really digging it.

Heart emojis all around.


It’s wonderful to see her fans are so supportive!

For some, it’s almost too much to handle.

I can practically hear her screaming this aloud as she types.

I’m really feeling the love here.

As I mentioned, people feel really strongly about this news.

Clearly, her true fans remember when she first came on the scene as a blonde, and went by her real name.

See? Clearly fans are happy she is back to her blonde roots.