This Princess-Themed Adoption Hearing Actually Has A Happily-Ever-After Ending

It tugs at your heart stings and reminds you that there is still good out there in the world, we just have to look hard enough. Such an event took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan at a princess-themed adoption hearing. A bunch of amazing case workers came together out of love for a little girl who loves Disney princesses a whole lot, and it is every bit as precious in real life as it sounds in your head.  When people use the power of imagination to make someone’s day better, I cannot help but smile.

The Konings have been fostering five-year-old Danielle since 2014. They wanted to make their home an official forever-home for her, which is why there was a hearing taking place. Kristina Grey, Danielle’s caseworker from Samaritas foster care services has known Danielle for a long time and was aware that she loved Disney princesses. Kristina asked her co-workers if any of them wanted to dress up as Cinderella, Danielle’s favorite, and appear at the hearing. As soon as word of this got out, volunteers came forward wanting to join the celebration. Seven women dressed up and even one male co-worker came dressed as Prince Charming! I have to say, they all looked wonderful. The dress looked fantastic, but it was the good intentions that shined the brightest that day.

To add to the amazingness of the entire hearing, Danielle’s parents adopted another young girl on that same day — a one-year-old named Neveah. Finally, as a last surprise of the day, Danielle witnessed her the courtroom judge transform into Snow White just for her. You can see the entire day caught on film by the organization.

This adds to the list of amazing events put on by people who want to put a smile on a child’s face. The one that starkly jumps out in my memory was the San Francisco Batman Day. A boy sick with leukemia asked for the city to be transformed into a giant Batman recreation for one day. This city obliged and helped his dreams become a reality.

As you can see, in both cases a child was left as happy as ever. It’s really wonderful to see good in a world plagued by terror and news of horrible events taking place every night. We need to be able to remember all the good that can still happen, right in front of us. Danielle is a great example of that. With a smile on her face and a room full of people who support her, she was able to take the next step towards her very own happy ending.

If you are looking for another heartwarming Disney princess story, look no further. A little girl dressed up as a hotdog during a dance recital.

So put a smile on your face and pop in a DVD of your favorite princess movie.

Images: YouTube