Thug who attacked hero soldier then walked free actually is jailed for posing with champagne and gloating on Facebook

Convicted druig dealer Ben Scott.

Convicted druig dealer Ben Scott

Convicted drug dealer Ben Scott also branded Cpl Marc Jolly “scum” in the gloating post after receiving a suspended sentence. A thug who taunted his Royal Marine victim by posing with champagne on Facebook after being spared jail for a savage attack has finally been locked up.

He attacked the decorated soldier, who has served in Afghanistan, from behind in a car park after a night out.

Scott repeatedly kicked and stamped on the 27-year-old during the sickening assault on Christmas Eve last year.

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Despite the attack being caught on CCTV, Scott, 31, was spared a prison sentence by a judge last month.

Facebook / Ben Scott
Ben Scott
Ben Scott

Within hours of walking out of Truro Crown Court, the self employed builder went on Facebook to gloat.

Ben Scott’s Facebook post saw him recalled to court

He updated his status on the social media site and posted a photo posing with a £140 bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal.

Scott, who previously served a jail term for dealing cocaine, wrote: “Real decent people prevail in the end.

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“That scum Marc Jolly can stay at the bottom of my shoe where he belongs. I win.”

Corporal Marc Jolly pictured after he was assaulted by Ben Scott.
Corporal Marc Jolly pictured after he was assaulted by Ben Scott

But following public outcry and an angry backlash from the military, he was recalled to Truro Crown Court yesterday.

Judge Harvey Clark QC, who originally spared him prison, sentenced him to 12 months behind bars.

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He described the Facebook post as “stupid and gloating” and said Scott “must face the consequences of his stupid and arrogant behaviour”.

Scott was re-sentenced under Section 155 of the Powers of Criminal Courts Sentencing Act 2000.

Corporal Marc Jolly pictured after he was assaulted by Ben Scott.
The attack was also captured on CCTV

Marc was left traumatised by the attack and said he feels safer in war-torn Helmand Province than on the streets of his home town.

He returned from service to spend Christmas with his family when he was attacked in Camborne, Cornwall.

The soldier recalled: “I was walking to the car in the dark on my own and he sprouts up behind me.

“He hit me on the back of my head and knocked me to the ground. He stamped and kicked me on the floor.

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“The manly thing to do is fight someone face to face so they have a fighting chance but to spring up on someone is cowardly.”

Marc, who served eight months in Afghanistan with 42 Commando in 2011, suffered several deep cuts, bruises and blurred vision.

Corporal Marc Jolly pictured after he was assaulted by Ben Scott.
Marc Jolly was attacked on Christmas Eve

He added: “I’d rather be back in Afghanistan. At least you know what you’re getting into.

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“You know you might be in a fire fight. You’re prepared for it – but you don’t expect someone to come up and hit you on the back of the head.”

He has been a Marine for eight years and is currently based at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Devon.