Tracys Unite! Ricki Lake, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Maddie Baillio Share the Screen in ‘Hairspray Live!’


Hairspray Life treats the fans a little Tracy Trebled treats the radio on Wednesday.

NBC Features Productions There are a number of “Welcome to the 60s” by Rick Lake (Tracy’s 1988 film) and Marissa Jaret Winoa (he plays on Broadway) in the program’s unrestrained “Welcome to the 60s”.

Famous according to Tracy’s support for the new Madi Baillio external backup dancer Pink’s hideout, but their sweet appearance can not be missed.

The show made sure to pay tribute to the former Hairspray stars, who also sent their well wishes to Baillio during a commercial break.

“Tracy goes from one place to another, to another place, Maddy, you kill it!” Said the camera.

Of course, the star’s relief is not a secret – Baillio could not contain her special excitement of excitement last month during a conference call with reporters.

“Winona and the lake gave me a lot of good advice, they will have a lot of programs!” She Chung.

Three women gathered together on the stage last month, sagging about their experiences in iconic roles.

“When I see hair gel on the TV, I will stop and look,” Lake acknowledged. “It’s just part of my history, my life, so it’s a pleasing thing to see all these incarnations. It’s simply a miracle.”