Traffic lights installed in pavement for people too glued to their iPhones to look up while crossing the road

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People crossing the road while using mobile phones

The New South Wales government in Australia thinks that smartphone addiction is such a problem that it is installing traffic lights in the pavement to prevent accidents. Are you too hooked to your mobile phone to look up when you are crossing the road?

Ground-level traffic lights will be installed at key crossings in Sydney from December, as part of a six-month trial that will cost of A$250,000 (£125,244).

“Pedestrians are less protected in a road crash, and are therefore more likely to be seriously injured or killed,” Bernard Carlon, executive director of NSW’s Centre for Road Safety told Mashable .

“This is why we need to create a road system that keeps them safe, and this includes situations when they may not be paying attention.”

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City installs traffic lights in the floor for people constantly glued to their phones
A city in Germany has also installed traffic lights in the road

Pedestrian deaths have reportedly been on the rise in NSW. 61 pedestrians were killed on roads in 2015, which is a 49% increase from 2014.

Carlon said the lights are aimed at pedestrians using mobile phones who are not looking where they are walking.

“They will serve as another layer of warning on top of existing lights and signals,” he said.

The news comes after the city of Augsburg in Germany also installed traffic lights in the pavement for people who cross the road while glued to their mobiles.

Authorities made the move after two people suffered minor injuries being hit by trams while looking at their phones.

The lights flash when a tram is approaching – or when the normal traffic lights turn red.

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