Twitter is reminding people to register to vote in the EU Referendum

EU Referendum

Anyone who uses the #EURefReady hashtag in a tweet will see a neon tick emoji appear in their post. Twitter and the Electoral Commission have joined forces on what they describe as a “ground-breaking campaign” to remind Brits to register to vote in the EU Referendum .

The emoji design mirrors the advertising from the Electoral Commission’s “You can’t miss it” campaign which launched on 15 May.

“It’s fantastic that Twitter have used our distinctive neon images to create emojis that remind people that time is running out for them to get #EURefReady,” said Alex Robertson, director of communications at the Electoral Commission.

“To make sure as many people as possible know that they need to be registered, we are asking everyone to sign up to our #EURefReady Thunderclap in English or Welsh to help spread the message.”

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A voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box

Anyone who wants to take part in the EU Referendum needs to make sure they have registered to vote by midnight on 7 June. If you haven’t already registered, you can do so at .

Once the deadline has passed, Twitter will launch the second phase of its campaign, whereby the hashtag #EURef will generate a neon ballot box emoji.

“Politics is definitely one of the most vibrant communities on Twitter, and we’re proud to encourage the democratic debate taking place every day,” said Rob Owers, head of news, government and regional partnerships at Twitter UK.

“The #EURef is one of the biggest decisions UK voters have been asked to make in decades, so we’re keen to ensure people make the most of the live, global conversation unfolding on Twitter to inform their decision.”

He added that emojis have become an essential part of how people communicate on Twitter – taking on a language of their own all in the space of 140 characters.

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A British flag and an EU flag

“We’re excited to give people a new, fun way to have their voices heard ahead of June 23rd,” he said.

The news comes after Facebook agreed to remind users to register for a vote in the EU Referendum, after being urged to do so by a Labour shadow minister Gloria De Piero.

Ms de Piero believes the tactic will help mobilise youngsters who are statistically less likely to vote – and, according to polls, more likely to vote for Remain than older people.

“We know that young people are the least likely group to be registered to vote, and yet they will feel the effects of the referendum result for the longest,” she wrote in a letter to Facebook.

“I believe every young person should have their say in this once-in-a-generation vote, and would ask you to be part of the drive to give them a voice.”

The Mirror is also urging readers to add their names to the electoral register through our #NoVoteNoVoice campaign.

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