Twitter Reacts To Christina Aguilera’s Red Hair, They’re Making Some Comparisons

Naturally, the Internet has lost all its chill, and the Twitter reactions to Christina Aguilera’s red hair are giving us some suggestions of things that this new ‘do looks like. And they are totally accurate and perfect. ICYMI — fans were totally shocked when Christina Aguilera debuted red hair on Monday, a completely dramatic switch up for the usually blonde singer.

Aguilera doesn’t really mess with her hair all that often, so to see her go from her trademark blonde to red was, needless to say, completely unexpected. And she didn’t even slowly ease us into it, teasing a transformation on Instagram or something. She full on shocked us, debuting her new tresses at a Hillary Clinton event in Los Angeles on Monday. Talk about making a grand debut.

But even though blonde is her signature, red seriously suits her. Like, you may even prefer this color on her — especially when you see how she had it styled, in old Hollywood, glam curls. So stunning. And the internet totally agrees. Fans are tweeting their reactions to Aguilera’s hair makeover, and it seems like they have a few things they think she looks like.

There is the obvious comparison to Jessica Rabbit:

Dead on.

But a pinup girl has come up a time or two, too.

Others don’t even care who she looks like, they’re just flipping for her new color.

Needless to say, this is a Twitter-approved hair transformation. 

Who else is waiting for the Ariel comparisons to begin?