Twitter Reacts To Selena Gomez’s Bangs Shows Fans Greatly Approve Of Her New Fringe — PHOTOS

Not that Selena Gomez can really do any wrong, but I was a little bit unsure how the public would feel when I heard she got bangs. Granted, they’re only temporary, but when fans fall in love with a star’s style (in Gomez’s case recently, long, flowing — and bang-less — mermaid hair), they can get attached, and change isn’t always so welcome. But the singer doesn’t have anything to worry about, because Twitter has spoken, and they’re officially in love with her new fringe. Though the bangs, which she showed off on Instagram on Wednesday, are only temporary and a fun look she’s trying out while on her Revival tour, Gomez may want to consider making a permanent chop, because people are seriously stoked on her new hair. And they’re already ready to get look-alike cuts.

Whenever a celebrity undergoes a seriously drastic hair transformation, the Internet tends to have a lot of feelings, so it’s no surprise that Twitter reacted to Selena Gomez’s new bangs and fans have officially given their seal of approval.

I know her signature hair is her thing and all, but a return to bangs could be a totally fresh and fun step for the singer.

Bangin @pantene @makeupbymelissam #revivaltour

A photo posted by Marissa Marino (@_marissamarino) on Jun 7, 2016 at 3:21pm PDT

So gorgeous, right? And Twitter is in full-agreement the bangs should stay:

And people are totally ready to copy them, too:

It definitely didn’t take long for this new look to catch on.