Will Rachel Turn on Quinn? – UnREAL Premiere

That’s Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn’s (Constance Zimmer) new mantra in UnREAL‘s second season, which they commemorate by getting matching tattoos in the very first scene. But by the time the pair are repeating the phrase to each other at the episode’s end, the cracks in their friendship are already beginning to show. “Money. Dick. Power.”

With Chet (Craig Bierko) banned from the Everlasting set, Rachel and Quinn were able to move past the Adam (Freddie Stroma) drama and develop a healthy dynamic. Quinn moved up the ladder and became the new Chet, focusing on network pitches and development deals, and Rachel became the new Quinn, overseeing Everlasting‘s day-to-day production as the showrunner.

However, Chet’s return midway through the premiere blows this fragile system to pieces. Having spent the hiatus steeping himself in the men’s rights movement, Chet is now determined to “take back his kingdom” from Quinn since women are made to “be adored. Guys are made to do things.”

As part of his takeover, Chet insists on making Everlasting less Cinderella and more Girls Gone Wild, so goodbye evening gowns and hello bikinis! “We have created a generation of wimps and bitches. We’ve got a whole audience who are waiting for us to show us the natural order of things,” Chet declares.

Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer, UnREALShiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer, UnREAL

Naturally, Quinn refuses to accept the chauvinist new world order and begins leading the charge in a war against Chet. But this means that every move Quinn makes undermines Rachel’s authority, making Rachel question how her allegiance to Quinn intersects with her own professional ambitions.

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Sensing Rachel’s unease, Quinn promises that she’ll hand the show back over to Rachel as soon as she’s destroyed Chet. “Money. Dick. Power. Right?” Quinn asks, until Rachel responds in turn.

But Rachel’s heart clearly isn’t in it, and we understand why. Because even though Rachel is equally outraged over Chet’s battle of the sexes, the war feels like the perfect excuse Quinn has been hoping for to regain control of Everlasting.

If only Rachel and Quinn had included “Friendship” in their BFF priority list, then maybe we wouldn’t be so worried about how the pair’s relationship would survive this latest hiccup.

Do you think the war on Chet will drive Rachel and Quinn apart?