Vet Wears Mouse Onesie For Anxious Dog

Mike watched a rescue dog named Rupert who had to come in for surgery. He growled when Mike analyzed him.

Usually we say no because of disease control. Rupert’s proprietor then made this giant mouse costume which Mike could use whilst managing Rupert.

Sure , Rupert absolutely loves Mike today – but just when he is dressed as a mouse.

Rupert’s proprietor, Sonya stated :”After I embraced Rupert a year or two ago he had some very considerable resource guarding problems and we had been told he was vet muzzled for lifetime. (For the Protection of the vet)

Anyhow, after a lot of love, a little’negotiating’, also realising that he had been in pain, he had been a much more relaxed puppy.

That solved in a month or two and he became more joyful with other dogs in addition to people. He’s fairly sociable tbf. Not certain if lots of his problems were because of the rehoming.

Anyhow, going into hospital I simply thought he might gain from getting the odor and feel of me . I believed the romper could be useful for him to sleep so was amazed, and so, to watch Mike dressed inside. However, what exactly an inspired move really. Thinking about it today, had the dog spilled on it, it could have made his mattress guarding worse.

I am the one person who can do anything to Rupert and he’ll allow it. Trust. Hard earned.

What exactly with the odor (Chanel btw. . .lol…) and texture of this romper… Mike became’secure’.

Amazed myself in the end.


Mike is currently SuperMike and loved in my fb page”