Enjoy Watching Dana Carvey’s Impression of Donald Trump as a Batman Villain

Carvey, who is perhaps best known for impersonating George H.W. Bush on Saturday Night Live, has been working on his impressions of some of the major players in this election season, including Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for Conan O’Brien.

First Impressions star and master impressionist (slash Master of Disguise) Dana Carvey went on Conan Tuesday night to do what he does best: political impressions.

His Trump is pretty accurate — bragging through pooched lips — and then it evolves into Trump as a Joker-esque Batman villain, which is also a pretty spot-on observation.

Dana Carvey, <em>Conan</em>Dana Carvey, Conan

He also explains how to do the perfect Bernie: speak in three word increments.

And then there are bonus Clinton impressions at the end. Check it out above.