Go To Watch Howie Mandel Hijack Our America’s Got Talent Interview

When we handed Mandel and Mel a cocktail shaker full of questions to answer, the former Deal or No Deal host began shaking it… and shaking it… and shaking it. In fact, he didn’t stop shaking until more than six minutes later, much to Mel’s chagrin.

We knew our interview with America’s Got Talent judges Howie Mandel and Mel B wouldn’t be a typical sit-down when Mandel kicked things off by chugging an entire mimosa. And then things got weird.

“Give me the thing! We’re going to get kicked out of this interview because of you,” Mel said, trying her best to wrest the shaker from Mandel’s hands.

“He’s such an a–hole. He’s such a f–king c–t,” she later added in between sips of mimosa.

Watch the hilariously absurd interview-gone-wild in the video above.