Watch ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Anchorman’, Beyonce More of 2013’s hottest topics merge in Billy Joel inspired video

Monday evening an updated pop-culture-laden track hit the interwebs, this time with references encompassing all of 2013’s biggest headlines. I give you, “We Didn’t Start the Fire: 2013 Celebrity Edition”. Sung by Kevin Leblanc and crafted by Owen Weber, the genius behind The Wolf of Bedford Falls faux-trailer, the tune hits all of the highs (the marriages, the babies, Ryan Gosling’s existence, etc.) and the lows (the DUIs, the divorces, and the cast of 19 Kids and Counting) that marked the past year.  For those of you who spent hours memorizing the lyrics to Billy Joel’s 1989 hit, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, here’s a new challenge for you.

Weber and his father spent about seven months (!!!) crafting and editing the video. “Choosing the topics for the video was a challenge itself, since there’s such an overabundance of celebrity gossip — which kind of proves the point we were trying to make in the video,” Weber told Bustle. “We started with the obvious stuff everybody was sick of hearing about: Kim and Kanye, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber… It’s like the twinkies of news.”

But the three minute video took infinitely more effort than simply singing a plethora of pop culture headlines over the song’s catchy beat. For example, Sharknado, the film that combined sharks and tornados and nearly broke the internet, was adapted to “Shark Weather Homicides” in place of Joel’s original “Starkweather homicides.” Other lyrics like “Liston beats Patterson” were cleverly swapped for “Kristen loves Pattinson,” and so on.

“The editing was the most exhausting part of all for me, it’s such a thankless, isolating task,” Weber said. “Now that it’s done, I’ll finally get a decent night’s sleep.”

And after months of listening to the tune on repeat, one would imagine the song would be deleted from Weber’s itunes as soon as he uploaded the video. But as urban legend proves, no one doesn’t not like (er… you know what I mean) Billy Joel: “On most of my projects, I can never hear the song I’m editing ever again because I hear it thousands of times during the edit.  But oddly, Billy Joel must be an exception, because “We Didn’t Start The Fire” is such a great song.”


Watch the video in all of its pop culture glory below: