What Colors Are Morphe’s Creme Lip Polishes?

With 18 bright and bold colors at super affordable prices, you’ll want to stock up on these products before they’re gone. Morphe Brushes is at it again with yet another unexpected product. After launching Instagram-famous eyeshadows, concealers, and brushes, they’re breaking into the lipwear industry with the new Creme Lip Polishes.

If you’re not familiar with Morphe Brushes yet, there’s no time like the present. The brand is YouTube famous for their affordable brushes and eyeshadows (perhaps most notably Jaclyn Hill’s go-to 35O Pallete, which sells out within the hour every time it’s released). The brand is expanding way beyond what the name suggests. This year alone they launched concealers, announced a makeup brush collaboration with Jeffree Star, and are now coming out with a huge range of lip polishes as well.

Combining everything you love from a gloss with the color payoff of a liquid lipstick, the company has something truly unique on their hands with this one. Each Creme Lip Polish comes in a squeezable tube with a twist-off cap on the end. It might be a familiar ’90s-style packaging, but what’s inside is completely different.

That’s not all, either. These colorful creations are only $5 a piece. You can’t go wrong at that price. The new product is available now on the Morphe Brushes website, but before you head over, you’ll want to scope out the gorgeous colors. Here’s every single shade in the new lip polish collection, so you can plan accordingly.

1. 4AM

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in 4AM, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

The company is definitely starting out with a bang. The bright red is a staple in plenty of makeup bags, so you can’t go wrong here.

2. Alluring

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Alluring, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Bubble gum pink just got a trendy new upgrade.

3. Amethyst

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Amethyst, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

I told you this wasn’t your average gloss. Just look at this color!

4. Blush

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Blush, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Don’t worry, there’s something for all you neutral makeup lovers too.

5. Faithful

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Faithful, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

There’s even the perfect coral for summertime.

6. Hanky Panky

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Hany Panky, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

I’m completely obsessed with this neon purple.

7. Individuality

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Individuality, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Just when you thought the pinks couldn’t get any better, this one comes along.

8. Kiss Me

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Kiss Me, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

This pink is so bright I’m convinced you can see it in the dark.

9. Love Affair

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Love Affair, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

If the last one was a little too bright, this is perfect for you.

10. Mistress

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Mistress, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

There are even some really dark colors, if that’s more your style.

11. Plump

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Plump, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Because you can never have enough neon pink shades.

12. Purpletini

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Purpletini, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

This shade is perfect for easing yourself into a bright purple lip.

13. Ransom

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Ransom, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

This could be my favorite of the entire collection.

14. Runway

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Runway, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Your typical coral just got a little more interesting.

15. Social

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Social, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

This mauve-y color is completely different from anything I’ve seen before.

16. Undressed

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Undresses, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Another purple for the unconventional makeup lovers out there.

17. Video Vixen

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Video Vixen, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Why not another neon hue?

18. Villian

Morphe Creme Lip Polish in Villian, $4.99, morphebrushes.com

Last, but definitely not least is this gorgeous dark chocolate cherry color.

I wasn’t joking when I said there’s something for everyone!

Images: MorpheBrushes.com (37)