What To Wear To Avoid Sweat Stains In The Summer

The answer may be a little more simple than you think. Clothing that is loose, patterned, or a deeper color is perfect for preventing or masking accidental staining. These helpful fabrics work by disguising the staining, and drawing the eye towards the rest of the outfit. These pieces can be absolute saviors during the summer months.  Nothing ruins a fierce outfit quite like a yellowed sweat stain. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can also ruin your clothing, and they can be so hard to remove. So, what should you wear to avoid sweat stains?

When it comes to prevent unwanted sweat stains, stay away from clothing that could cause them in the first place. Tight, heavy, or thick fabrics like silk or suede are notorious for trapping in heat. This excess heat can sweating and lead to a fashion mishap. Keep your body cool and comfortable this summer by reaching for lightweight knits or cottons that help to regulate your body temperature. Their looser weave is more breathable giving your body better ventilation. This coupled with strategic cutouts or a looser fit helps to keep your body feeling it’s best during the hot summer heat. Here are 11 fun, fashionable clothing options that are great for avoid embarrassing sweat stains.

1. Printed Flowing Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $69.90, zara.com

Keep yourself feeling cool and comfortable in this lightweight jumpsuit.

2. Arrow Printed Maxi Dress

Dress, $68.50, torrid.com

Breathable maxi dresses are the perfect defense against the hot summer heat.

3. Paisley Off The Shoulder Top

Top, $14.90, forever21.com

This ventilated top is perfect for fighting off pesky sweat stains.

4. Cutout Longline Top

Top, $19.90, forever21.com

Make the most of a breezy day with this longline cutout top.

5. Ruffle Floral Maxi Dress

Dress, $32.35, asos.com

Channel your inner bohemian princess with this flowing maxi dress. 

6. Cold Shoulder Top

Top, $42.50, torrid.com

Mask potential sweat stains by wearing a ventilated top in a darker color.

7. Plunging Floral Maxi Dress

Dress, $105.12, asos.com

Feel breezy and cool no matter what the occasion in the ruffled dress.

8. Crochet Top

Top, $128, freepeople.com

Say goodbye to yellow pit stains with this open sleeved knit top.

9. Miles Array Dress

Dress, $249.99, modcloth.com

Bold, colorful prints are perfect for covering potential staining.

10. Cutout Maxi Dress

Dress, $58, nastygal.com

Peace out, back sweat! This breezy dress has you covered.

11. Lattice Split Leg Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $69, urbanoutfitters.com

Keep sweat at bay by wearing cool colors and lightweight fabrics.

Later, sweat stains! Hello, gorgeous stain-free looks.

Images: Pixabay (1); Courtesy Brands