When Will Kylie Cosmetics Restock Everything Next?

The good news? She continually restocks her products, and if you’re wondering when the next Kylie Cosmetics restock is, get ready, because it’s happening soon. Being a Kylie Cosmetics fan is tough. She launches amazing new colors and products, but since they often sell out basically as soon as they’re released, you don’t always get the chance to try them out.

Last Thursday was a big day in the Kylie Cosmetics world. Not only did Jenner launch her new Majesty Metal Matte color, but she also restocked everything on the site, so it was basically like Christmas came several months early. But if you happened to miss out on all that excitement, no worries, because there’s another restock happening. And we don’t even have to wait long. Seriously, how did we get so lucky?

A fan tweeted Kylie, “please tell me you’re restocking everything & not just KyMajesty,” to which Kylie Jenner replied, “Everything tomorrow @ 11am pst.” So wait — a full restock not even one week after the last restock? Insane, but true. The next Kylie Cosmetics restock is happening Tuesday, June 21, at 11 AM PST. So, you know, be there or be square.

It’s pretty cool that she’s keeping up with demand and restocking her products so frequently, because it’s seriously a buzzkill to miss out on new launches due to lack of supply.

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Is this full restock going to be a weekly event? Maybe, but for now, I’m just appreciating the fact that we’ve gotten so lucky with two back to back.

Images: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram