Where To Buy Kylie Jenner’s “King Kylie” swimsuit

The shot Jenner posted rocking a sleek, black one-piece with the text “King Kylie” adorned on the front undoubtedly prompted that question from fans and fashionistas alike who loved the personalized, chic look. But if you’re looking for specific details on how and where to buy the “King Kylie” piece, you may just have to be patient. If you’re reading this, the chances that you saw Kylie Jenner’s selfie from yesterday and immediately asked, “Where do I buy Kylie Jenner’s “King Kylie” swimsuit?” are very high. 

As of now, the details about the swimsuit and where to buy it are speculative. Jenner is usually generous with pointing out what brands/labels she’s wearing in her Instagram posts, but she didn’t include any brand information or tags with her selfie wearing the ‘King Kylie’ swimsuit (sigh). And while definitely appropriate, the swimmer emoji certainly leaves the origins of her swimsuit to be desired (double sigh). Not even the internet knows where it’s from, although people are really curious to know on Twitter. 

Although, based on what we know about an upcoming collection that Jenner is working on and a personalized swimsuit trend that’s rising among celebs, we do have some speculative leads about this mysterious and oh-so-cute “King Kylie” swimsuit.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jun 4, 2016 at 3:34pm PDT

Jenner and her sister Kendall designed the Kendall + Kylie Collection that often features trendy clothing pieces and stylish accessories, and now swimwear. Jenner has recently posted about the swim collection more than once (it’s scheduled to drop June 9), donning the collection’s bright, strappy bikinis and metallic cut-out one-pieces. Could the “King Kylie” one piece be part of the Kendall + Kylie swim collection?

Or, could it just be evidence that Jenner is hopping on to the personalized swimsuit trend? A few weeks back for big sister Gigi’s birthday, Bella Hadid posted an Instagram photo of her wearing a personalized swimsuit with Gigi’s name on the chest. Jenner’s “King Kylie” suit may just be her take on that specific personalization, with bold font and, of course, her namesake tag line.

Until Jenner reveals more, we won’t know anything for sure. But considering the swimwear collection and the personalized swim trend, I’m torn.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if the one-piece was part of the new Kendall + Kylie swim collection. Just looking at it’s trendy, high-leg silhouette, the black one-piece definitely falls in line with the other trendy pieces in the collection we know for sure are in the brand’s next release. Although, wouldn’t she have tagged the brand in the photo then? And also, the “King Kyile” tag is pretty Kylie-focused, which would leave her sis and design partner Kendall in the dust. Unless there’s a “King Kendall” suit to follow? 

I also wouldn’t be shocked if the swimsuit was just a personalized, one-of-a-kind piece for Jenner. Considering she’s pretty much patented the name that’s her Instagram tag line, I’m sure it’s her go-to for personalized items. And if fellow stylish little sister Bella’s doing it, then why wouldn’t Jenner?

There’s no doubt the fun graphic approach to a basic black suit has got people wondering how they can tap into the trend, whether it says “King Kylie” or something else. But that comes as no surprise, since Jenner is the trend setter of the moment. But until we get more details about the suit, we will just have to wish, hope, and pray she reveals the origins so we, too, can rock “King Kylie” like the king herself.