Where To Buy treStiQue’s Mini Contouring Set For Easy On-The-Go Beauty Now

Find out where to buy trèStiQue’strèbebecontouring set to get a flawless face all summer long. If you’re looking for easy, on-the-go makeup application,the more stick pieces you can own, the better.

You can throw this set which contains a highlight, blush andcontour shade in your beach bag or your weekender and go on a vacation. Withthese sticks in tow, you’ll  know you’vegot everything you need to add color and sculpt your face. Non-touring may bethe latest makeup trend, but that’s only because it takes forever to contour.But, these products glide on effortlessly, so if you weren’t totally for theidea of ditching all of your makeup practices and going with a barely therelook, these are just the kind of thing you need.

And hey, say you don’t want to contour — that’s fine, too.You can still totally go sans bronzer and apply just the blush and highlight to get your face beaming.Use as many or as few of these colors as you like to customize the summer-readylook that works for you. This mini contour stick set is available for purchaseon the trèStiQuewebsite for only $40. And while you’re on the site, you might as well scoop upeven more of the stick makeup products they have to offer because there’s no way you’regoing to want makeup in any other formula this season!

Back to the basics with our weekend essentials. (Have you checked out our trèbebe Contour Kit yet?)

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Travel beauty made easy. It just doesn’t get better than that.

 trèbebe Contouring Kit, $40, trèStiQue

Mini sticks make creating the perfect contour Bell & Ross Replica Watchesand highlight so simple, no matter where you are.

This set includes a Baby Brazilian Bronzer, a Baby Bora Bora Blush and a Mini Maldives Luminescent Highlighter. The gang’s all here, huh, ladies?!

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