Where To Go For Yeezy Boost 750 Updates Hence You Don’t Miss Out On Shopping These Kicks

Find out where to go to stay up to date on YeezyBoost 750 launch information because you know you’ve been dying to cop theseshoes ever since Kim Kardashian released that Snapchat video of them.  Yeezy season can’t come soon enough for most of thesneaker-loving folks out there, and thankfully, it seems as though Adidas is gearing up fora launch very, very soon.

According to Adidas’ Twitter account, you can sign up foremails to receive updates and information about all things Kanye West X Adidason the brand’s website. When you visit the page, you’ll see that they’re sayingmore Yeezy pieces are coming soon, and once you sign up for those emails, you’llbe among the first to know exactly when they’re dropping.

These gray shoes with gum-colored bottoms are going to be quitecoveted (just like all of his other sneakers), so you’re going to have to actquickly to these on your feet. So, be sure to check your inbox regularly just to be safe!

Not only will these emails tell you when the product will belaunched, they’ll also detail exactly where the shoes will be available forsale, so that means you’ll be able to nail down your shopping strategy. Informedshopping yields the best results, you know?

Now you know exactly where to go for more info, and hopefully, you’ll be receiving good news in your inbox very soon!

Just look at all of those sneakers, ready and waiting to be shipped out to the VIP-est people.

And they even glow in the dark?!

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be among the lucky few to get my hands on these!

Another round of applause for Kanye because he’s gone and done it, again.

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