Do You Know Why It’s Time To Jump on The Last Ship

The show may be entering its third season, but this is a perfect time to jump on board the titular Nathan James: after two seasons of sailing around the world after a global pandemic wiped out the majority of Earth’s population, Season 3 is about to begin a big, bold new chapter in the story.

Want big screen summer action, but don’t want to brave crowds, sticky floors and ridiculous ticket prices at the movie theater? Then look no further TNT’s The Last Ship.

Here’s why it’s time to enlist in the crew of The Last Ship:

Season 3 is going to reset the story.

For two years, the Nathan James has hunted for a home while distributing the cure for the virus that wrecked the planet. In Season 3 — now that the cure can be spread via touch and breath — we’ve reached the “re-building the world” part of the show. The show is no longer about finding a cure… It’s about fixing what the virus — and the people it didn’t kill — destroyed.

Get ready for politics (and explosions)!

With re-building comes a new element we haven’t seen much of thus far: politics. What’s left of society isn’t just trying to rebuild into one happy utopia. Nope, there are disputes over territorial control… And all the requisite explosions that come with that.

The Last Ship is going global.

We’re going to Asia! The Nathan James might be an American vessel, but the new season’s global mission will take the crew all over the world. Viruses don’t discriminate based on borders, and now, neither does the crew.

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It’s not just about the ship.

Yes, the show is called The Last Ship, but the ship is going to be a co-star rather than a main player this season. This time, we’re going to see just as many stories take place on land as we do at sea. Which is exciting for the audience, but maybe a little less so for the crew… Who take a little time (at least in the first few episode) to lose their sea legs.

Eric Dane: Action Hero

We’d put star Eric Dane’s Tom Chandler up against any big screen action icon. The past two seasons Chandler has been the anchor of the Nathan James crew; but now, he’s Chief of Naval Operations, and his new position is going to take him into a slew of new territory… Alone. Chandler is going to be put to the test in a big way when he doesn’t have the rest of his crew to fall back on, and you’re going to love seeing how he gets himself out of the biggest messes possible.

Did we mention Michael Bay?

Yep, Michael Bay is executive producer of the show, and in comes through in every insane, over-the-top action sequence. Co-showrunner Steve Kane told, “If you’re due for a big summer blockbuster and don’t have a babysitter on a Sunday night, The Last Ship is the show for you. We take you around the world and back in 42 minutes.”

We couldn’t agree more. Ready to hop on board?

The Last Ship premieres Sunday, June 12 at 9/8c on TNT. Watch the trailer now: