Apple launched iOS 10 – here are the big changes coming to YOUR iPhone


The new iPhone SE

Photos became the fourth on the list and Apple revealed a new feature called “Memories” that creates content – like slideshows put to music – automatically. The third update also involved Siri – it has been further integrated into the keyboard so it can help suggest extra information when you’re jabbing out a message. We’re not sure how it’ll actually work in practice but it shows the company’s commitment to voice control.

Apple has also bolstered the face recognition capability so your iPhone will scan through your pictures and tag them for you. Useful or creepy? You be the judge.

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Number five is Maps and number six is Music. The former has a new look and more options for developers to add extensions – like paying for an Uber ride.

The latter has also been given a makeover and will now show you lyrics to songs as you play them.

Apple Music

The seventh feature is News – again with a slightly new design. It also adds in breaking news notifications.

The eighth change involves Apple’s HomeKit app – which will now come in the place of a Home app preinstalled on your iPhone.

In a nutshell it’s Apple’s movement into the so-called Internet of Things – letting you control third-party appliances in your house from your iPhone. It’s still in its infancy but, this being a developer’s conference, will likely gain plenty of support.

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Apple’s ninth big feature of iOS 10 are changes to phone calls themselves. There’s going to be caller ID on your iPhone that’s better at detecting spam calls.

Apple's diverse emojis

Finally, the company is making changes to how you use messages on the iPhone. Links and videos will now have a preview inside the conversation whilst emojis are three times as big.

And, just in case you aren’t sending enough emojis, the messaging app will now highlight words that can be replaced with an emoji.

The new version of the iOS will be available to download in the autumn – although Apple declined to give a specific date.

Apple finished its presentation on iOS 10 be reiterating the security features of its operating system.

All the communication features on the new software include end-to-end encryption to help keep private information away from hackers. And, presumably, to stop Apple having another dust-up with the FBI .

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