Apple Music, iOS 10 and Siri updates unveiled at Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple chief executive Tim Cook kicked off the keynote session at 10:00 PST (18:00 BST) at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Apple hosted its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco today, where it unveiled its latest software updates for iPhones, iPads an Macs.

Top of the bill was iOS 10, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which will run on all new iPhones and iPads and be available as on upgrade on older models.

Features include a beefed-up version of Siri that integrates better with the apps on your phone, a hub for your smart home devices, and a revamped user interface design.

Apple’s other operating systems – OS X for Macs, watchOS for Apple Watch, and tvOS for Apple TV – also got upgrades, as well as the company’s music streaming service, Apple Music.

Meanwhile, Siri has been opened up to third-party apps, so developers can integrate the voice assistant into their own products.

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    Siri is being opened up to developers
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    And we’re off!


That’s all folks

As it turns out… no. There’s no one more thing. Phew! That was a pretty jam packed presentation. Nothing we didn’t know about really. The iOS 10 update is obviously the big one, but we had the Apple Music revamp and the Siri updates in there too.

Unfortunately, the rumour that Apple was going to let users get rid of the default apps on their Home screen turns out to have been a red herring – much to some people’s annoyance:

The messaging stuff is fun – watch out WhatsApp! – and the Apple Maps stuff is cool, though a lot of it is catching up with Google Maps.

Which is the update you’re most excited about? Let us know in the comments below


One more thing?

Tim Cook sounds like he’s winding up, doing a recap of all the announcements so far – but will there be “one more thing”?


Coding in schools

Swift Playground is being made available for free to encourage schools to adopt it to teach kids to code – sounds highly tactical Apple!

Still is seems to have gone down well.



Tim Cook is back on stage and is talking about Swift – Apple’s programming language. This is the geeky bit (it is a developers conference after all).

He’s saying it’s easy to learn even if you’re a beginner. A new app called Swift Playground means you (or your kids) can play around and learn to code on your iPad.


iOS 10 availability

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Privacy leader

Federighi is now talking about privacy – Apple claims it’s a leader and that its technology has been described as “visionary,” by a leading researcher in “differential privacy”.


More messaging features

There are loads of new messaging features – as well as big emoji there are stickers, the ability to make silly GIF-like images with your friends’ faces – so much new stuff to play with!



Apple is adding “bubble effects” to Messages, which means your words appear in different ways.

For example, they could swell in size for emphasis, or shrink if you’re “sorry for being a an idiot”, and you can send a surprise message — swipe to reveal the image.

If you type a word that has a corresponding emoji you can also tap to automatically replace those words – just in case you weren’t convinced that emoji were talking over the world…


Home app

Apple is launching a new app called Home that will act as a hub for “smart home” devices – like security cameras, thermostats and the like.

Esssentially, you get home, the Apple TV senses you on the network, and starts doing a bunch of stuff. The Home app also integrates with watchOS and tvOS.


Apple News

Apple News is getting a revamp too.

Apple is introducing subscriptions, so now you can read anything from National Geographic to the Washington Post right inside Apple News, and get notifications.


Apple Music

Apple Music now has only 15 million paid subscribers. As rumoured, Apple is revamping the app with “a new design language that allows the music to be the hero”.

The app is more intuitive and familiar according to Eddy Cue.

You can even get lyrics to your favourite songs so you can sing along.


Apple Maps

Next up is Apple Maps – Eddy Cue says it’s more proactive, so you can slide up from the bottom and Apple will give you suggestions based on where you would normally go at that particular time of day.

There’s also route details traffic, local restaurants and petrol stations so you can make detours – sounds very similar to what Google did recently.

All of this stuff will be baked into Carplay for people who want to use Apple Maps for navigation.


AI for your photos

Apple is using artificial intelligence to sort out your photos for you. That means it can sort through all your photos on your different iOS platforms and organise them into events. There’s a tab called “Memories” in the app that brings together “highlights” and also sorts by location and people in the photos – does that sound a bit creepy to anyone else?


Siri is being opened up to developers

Siri is being opened up to developers!

That means you can say things like “Send a WeChat to Nancy” and it’ll open the WeChat app.

Siri now works with Slack, WhatsApp, Uber, Lyft, Shutterfly, Pinterest, Runtastic, RunKeeper, Square, Spark, Vonage and Skype, as well as Carplay.


iOS 10

Now onto iOS 10 – this is the biggest update yet for consumers, according to Federighi.

There’s a new lock screen and home screen experience with new notifications and expanded use of 3D Touch. You can act on notifications from the lock screen and get live status updates from apps if you click in with 3D Touch. Control Center is simpler too.


Sierra launch date

Sierra is available to developers from today and in beta from July. It will roll out to consumers in the autumn.


Siri and Mac OS Sierra

Federighi is showing how you can use Siri to search the web while you’re working on a document. The virtual personal assistant will bring up results that you can drag and drop into your document.

You can also use Siri to do messaging at any time, and jump to other apps or use “picture in picture”


Siri on the Mac!

CONFIRMED! Siri is coming to the Mac. Cheeky dig at Microsoft from Siri during the presentation: “No complaints about the lack of windows”


Apple Pay

Now Apple Pay can be used to easily pay for things online on a Mac, using Touch ID on your iPhone.

The overarching theme here seems to be the ability to constantly switch between different Apple devices – something Apple calls “continuity”.

If you have a house stuffed with Apple gadgetry that’s great, but not much use if you’re a PC or Android user.

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Federighi is talking about talking about the problem of passwords – forgetting them, mistyping them… we’ve all been there.

Now, if you open your Mac and you’re wearing your Apple Watch, it will automatically unlock itself.



We’re on to OS X – that’s the one that runs on Macs.

Craig Federighi is talking about the name OS X – it’s getting changed to Mac OS – genius!

The latest release is called Mac OS Sierra.


Single Sign-on for Apple TV

Now you only have to sign on once on your Apple TV and you automatically sign in to all your apps – this received a big whoop from the crowd. Guessing this is something that has been irritating people for a while!

Commenting on the tvOS announcement, Steve Holford, chief customer officer at Hyperoptic said:

“Whereas the news on tvOS will be welcomed by AppleTV users, there will be disappointment that Apple didn’t unveil an online TV streaming service.

“We surveyed 3,000 Brits and over a quarter (26%) said they would subscribe as soon as it became available, which equates to millions of Brits – testament to the huge market demand.”


Now we’re onto tvOS – there are now over 6,000 apps for Apple TV. That includes sports channels, foreign language channels, games channels and a drawing app that works on your TV for playing games.

Siri integrated with tvOS means you can search for “High School movies from the 80s” and it will come up with suggestions like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You can also search YouTube.



A new app called Breathe helps you “quiet your mind, relax your body, and help you deal with every day stress”… That sounds pretty deep.

Apparently deep breathing can have long-term health benefits – and the app lets you set smart notifications to remind you to breathe.

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Apple Watch

Now we’re seeing a few different ways Apple Watch can be used – even to write Chinese characters.

There’s also an SOS service on the Watch that lets you call emergency services – provided that you’re in range of phone or connected to Wi-Fi.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the Apple WatchWe’re also hearing about a lot of the fitness features, that let you compare your activity to your friends and family.


WatchOS 3

Apple is kicking off with WatchOS – this is the operating system that runs of Apple Watch.

Your favourite apps will now be held in the memory so they will launch as soon as you’re ready use them.

There are also a bunch of new watch faces, including Minny Mouse (to go with Micky). You can just swipe to choose your watch face.



The youngest attendee at WWDC this year is just 9 years old. Tim Cook met her yesterday and he says she’s going to make a great engineer.

He moves on to say there are now 2 million apps on the apps store, which have been downloaded 130 billion times. Apple is about to pass 50 billion dollars paid to developers.


And we’re off!

Tim Cook takes the stage to whooping applauds. He is paying tribute to the victims of the Orlando terror attacks yesterday. He calls for a moment of silence to honour the victims and the people who loved them.


Siri getting smarter

There’s been lots of speculation about how Apple will make the next version of its personal assistant, Siri, even smarter.

Siri made a big splash when it debuted five years ago, but as other tech giants jockey to build intelligent “chat bots” and voice-controlled home systems capable of more challenging artificial-intelligence feats, Siri at times no longer seems cutting edge.

Will Apple unveil new AI advancements at WWDC that will enable it to keep up with rivals like Amazon, Google, Facebook? Let’s wait and see.


Fun for tech tweeps

We’re just half an hour away from Apple’s special event kicking off in San Francisco. Meanwhile, over in LA, Microsoft is about to begin its Xbox press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Some people are simply finding all this geeky excitement far too much.

If you want to know what’s going on on the other side of the fence, check out our full schedule of the week’s video gaming conferences at E3 2016.