Xbox One ‘Slim’ console leaks in advance of Microsoft’s official announcement at E3 2016

New Xbox

The Xbox One Slim

The widely-predicted new version is 40% smaller and is believed to be called the Xbox One Slim – or Xbox One S for short. Details of a slimmed-down Xbox One console have leaked online ahead of Microsoft’s official unveiling at the E3 games show in Los Angeles.

The leak appeared on Neogaf , a video game forum site, less than 24 hours before Microsoft’s Xbox conference.

Alongside the image of the white console, a few specifications have also been listed. It’s believed to be able to support a 4K resolution and have a massive 2TB internal hard drive.

Apparently, the new console will also include a vertical stand – meaning it can perch alongside your TV rather than having to sit underneath it.

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Xbox One

The original Xbox One takes up a lot of space under the telly

Microsoft haven’t made any public comments on the leak, but it won’t be long before we find out for sure.

Interestingly, its key rival Sony has taken the opposite approach with the rumoured PlayStation 4 upgrade.

Dubbed the PlayStation 4K – Sony has confirmed its existence but has explicitly stated that it won’t be making a debut at E3.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s E3 keynote address will take place at 17.30 (BST) on Monday, June 13.

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